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Preparing Concrete Beam

Richard here….Well, we’ve been here a month now and some projects are finished while others continue along. Most of this last month has been re-learning how to use large shop equipment and milling our own lumber to make false beams to cover up unfinished concrete. Wood is in abundance but it is delivered in a real rough, crooked, unusable form.

Indoor trim items such as baseboard, casings, moldings are not available here….so you have to take 1 1/2″ x 8″ European Beech lumber and mill it down to a  3/4″ x  4″ or possibly 6″ board . Most of the original board is on the shop floor in the form of shavings from planing and joining and cutting off the unusable areas.

This finished false beam with posts is 21′ long and is milled, glued and finished from 32 pieces of rough lumber. In the States it would be made of 2 sheets of Maple plywood.

Next I will introduce you to The Workshop.

Concrete Beam to Cover in Beech Wood


The Finished ProductFalse Beam 21 feet long


False Beam 21 feet long

3 thoughts on “House Projects

  1. Wow Dad, it looks soooo pretty, I love it! It adds such a nice warm tone to the room. :)
    I’m glad that people like the bright, happy colors, Mom, because that is definitely you!

  2. That false beam looks so beautiful. It certainly does not look false!
    We are enjoying all of your posts and the pictures.
    We got our new slider patio window put in today.
    Our neighbor and one of his friends helped Bill get it put in.
    Now I’m trying out another paint color. I think it will take me another try with another color.. I like the color at night but not in the day time so much.
    I got picked for jury duty. Unless they decide tomorrow if they dismiss me. There are a couple of more seats to fill. I don’t seem to fit into the dismissal category.
    Love to all of you, Surbatovich’s and Mc Laughlins.
    You are accomplishing so much already!!

  3. Speaking of bright colors, notice the underpainting of the dining room wall in charcoal gray. We did a dozen test colors and settled on a smokey teal blue. Wish I had a photo of the “striped” wall.

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