Wild Life at the Vrtic

The Lord gives great opportunities EVERYDAY for us to reach out with ordinary things.  Today it came in the form of a toad, actually, 3 toads.  Richard was moving some old wood   beside the house, when he uncovered a family of toads.  I was just getting ready to go to the vrtic (pre-school) to bring some animal puppets Milijana had found.  They were some puppets Michael Saruwatari had sent with us last summer for the VBS here in Niksic. So I grabbed a bucket and put the toads in for an outing to school.

Richard built a puppet theater and I installed it at the school last week, the puppets were the perfect go-with.  And now the toads became the inspiration for the puppet show.

Putting on a show with Zaba the toad.

The children greeted me at the door with welcoming shouts of “Djulie, Djulie”, along with hugs and now even kisses!  So we gathered around a table and I introduced our toad family.  The kids squealed and chattered away about the Zaba (pronounced like the french “je”).  And when the big one jumped out of the bucket, they jumped and screamed too!

Here's the local domestic toad of Montenegro.

Then I showed them each of the animal puppets I brought and handed them out to students to play with at the puppet theater.  The teachers used the teachable moment to ask them questions and talk about the animals.  The children took turns “on the stage”, and then when I began taking photos, they each wanted me to take a photo of them.

Moje prijatelji vrtici!

What a delight it is to serve here at the school.  (If you recall from a previous post, Rada, a mature believer in the church body here, invited me to come to her school.)  While I don’t have the freedom to tell them Bible stories or teach them Bible songs in this setting,  I can love them with kindness, joy, time and attention.  And the teachers are equally receptive, they welcome me with smiles, thanks and curiosity, along with kafa and cookies.  I feel richly blessed. It is a good work the Lord is doing through Rada’s ministry here.




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